Here’s to a Sunny Summer 2022

Summer is well upon us here and we are loving the hot weather… as are our guests.

We have loved seeing our guests using our outdoor area throughout the day. Even better when it has been a wedding or a function at a local venue where families are getting ready together as a group.

If you have a wedding or other function coming up and want to stay together as a family, in luxury, then contact us and check for availability before it is too late! You don’t want to miss your desired dates if we are already full!

Now that we aren’t in lockdown it’s easier for us to see our guests as Covid isn’t as rife. And we have our finger’s crossed it won’t go back to how it was!

We always love reviews, so if you are reading this and have stayed with us before then please head over to or TripAdvisor and give us your review… we are proud of our high ratings.