Why choose a B&B?

When planning a holiday, choosing your accommodation can be a difficult decision. Do you stay in a bed and breakfast, a hotel, a hostel? Every option has its benefits, but only by staying in a B&B can you still feel at home while traveling. Few hotels can compare with the feeling of staying in a uniquely decorated room, in a unique building and most hotels have standard rooms and the restaurants seem sterile and boring compared to the homely living rooms and kitchens that most B&B’s, including ourselves, have to offer.

Staying in a B&B also provides that personal touch that a hotel may be lacking in. With most B&B’s considerably smaller than hotels you will be seen as a guest rather than a customer. Your hosts will go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcome, whether that means acting as local experts and advising you what to do, see, or eat during your stay, or simply being around to chat and answer your questions.

Using a B&B in a pretty village like Scawby makes it easy for us as your hosts to provide details of walks, attractions to visit and other activities in the local area.

Of course, what many would consider the most important point in favour of staying in a B&B is the breakfast. The range of cold and cooked options on offer at the Old Parsonage showcases the quality of local ingredients in a way that no mass-produced continental breakfast could, and a delicious home-cooked breakfast is a great way to start any day.